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A Day With Friends In Oxford


Well renowned for its prestigious university, Oxford is a hub for tourists and tours and sightseers and all things tourism…On this blog, I tend to steer away from the obvious tourist traps but, this is going to be an exception; we went all out and spent the whole day sightseeing all of the must-see spots this city has to offer. It has to be done sometimes though right…?

Backstory: Oxford is only about a two-hour drive from where I live, but I had never visited until I met my friends Helena and Harrison. To introduce you to these two lovely people (as this blog is a dedicated friendship appreciation post), my boyfriend and I met them both whilst travelling in Australia, we spend about four months together, realised that back in the UK we only lived an hour apart, and have been besties ever since. Oxford is their closest big city, so they both introduced us to this beautiful part of the world.


W H A T  T O  D O

p u n t i n g

It has to be done…after all, it is the quintessential way to see Oxford…

If you all chip in to rent a boat, an hour is plenty and it’s such a laugh. We actually opted for a peddle version, rather than traditional punting as there was a 99% chance that one of us would end up losing their balance and fall in but if you’re feeling confident, try out one of the punts…good luck!

As expected, there are quite a few hire centres to chose from. We went for Magdalen Bridge Boathouse.

C O S T: The punts take up to five people and cost £22.00 per hour.



h a v e  a  w a n d e r

Oxford is full of grand, impressive architecture…it feels like you’ve stepped on to the set of a movie…

I have gathered together a quick list of the top sites to see:

Bodleian Library – the UK’s largest library

Bridge of Sighs – great photo op

Oxford uni Colleges – you’ll see them as you walk around

The covered market – full of quirky stores and home to Moo-Moo’s Milkshakes


C O S T: This can all be done for FREE


r a d c l i f f e  c a m e r a

This dome-shaped Oxford University building is such a unique piece of architecture – make sure to get a few snaps of it!

You cannot go inside unless you are a member, but it’s free to walk around and admire its beauty.

Fun fact:



W H E R E  T O  E A T

Moo Moo’s – milkshake of dreams

Pizza Pilgrims – my personal favourite pizza ever

George Street Social – a lot of food for a little price

Turf Tavern – a hangout for the cast and crew of the Harry Potter movies during filming




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