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Corsica: Exploring The Island


This is going to be more of a ‘quick-fire – what to do in Corsica?’ and ‘how to make the most of my time on the island’ kind of post.

Corsica, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t receiving the [for want of a better word] hype it deserves. The Mediterranean French island is a stunner; with something for everyone.

As you drive down the island (which is only about 180km in length), the geography on offer changes and switches from insanely clear, light blue waters and gorgeous, glistening coves to mountainous ranges, stretches of green land and hidden valleys.

So…if you’re a fan of the outdoors and love an active holiday, you’ve come to the right place.


W H A T  T O  D O

p i s c i n e s  n a t u r e l l e s  d e  c a v u

If there’s one thing you must do when visiting Corsica, this is it!

The natural pools are a perfect spot for a wild swim. Despite the colour, the water is fresh and clean, as it runs down straight from the valley above.

The location is stunning, in every direction you are surrounded by mountainous valleys and towering pine trees.

Once you get off the main road (about a 30min drive from Porto-Vecchio), the drive is made up of dirt tracks that get pretty bumpy and narrow, but this doesn’t go on for long and takes you right to the edge of the pools.

T O P  T I P: Try and get here either morning or early evening. There is little shade and it gets pretty busy around midday.




p o r t o – v e c c h i o

If you love quaint, European towns, make sure to visit Porto-Vecchio. The old town, scattered with narrow cobbled streets and lined with pastel coloured buildings sits on the top of a hill, about a 10-minute drive from the marina.

This attractive little town is full of restaurants and bars, making it the perfect place to head for an evening meal.

T O P  T I P: If you go at sunset, the colours in the sky reflect beautifully off the buildings.


s a n t a  g i u l i a  b e a ch

The sea here is so incredibly clear and blue and the sand is so white, I couldn’t believe and it…and the water is warm – bonus!

It is one of the most photogenic beaches I have been too, it sits in a horseshoe curved bay and is surrounded by mountains.

Santa Guilia is a short drive from Porto-Vecchio, so perhaps make a day of it – spend a day at the beach and finish with dinner in the old town.

T O P  T I P: The beach can get quite crowded but, there are smaller coves around each side of the curved coastline which were a lot quieter.


p a l o m b a g g i a  b e a c h

Recognised as the most famous beach on the island, no wonder Palombaggia has been crowned as France’s best beach.

Again, the water is crystal clear and the sand, pure white. Due to its beauty, it does tend to get extremely busy during peak season; we struggled to get a spot so if you’re thinking of heading here, try and get there early.

Nonetheless, it is worth a visit; even just to admire the view and have a quick dip in the sea. You can always grab lunch in one of the restaurants that line the back of the beach – there are tonnes to choose from.


t a r c o

Tarco is a tiny town in Corsica. It is pretty much just one road with about four restaurants and a beach but, it’s such a lovely place to go to wind down and relax on a beach that isn’t over-crowded.

I may be a little biast in saying this as I love paddleboarding but, there is a little shack on the beach that hires out a few water sport activities including paddleboarding – and it’s so cheap! When we went out, the water was so clear we spotted a sting ray about three metres down.

As for restaurants, go to Le Pacha and try to ask for a seat by the water – the views at sunset are beautiful and unobstructed. Most importantly, the food is so scrum – I got the burger and it was one of the best I have ever had.


Have you ever been to Corsica?

Leave a comment with any other places to visit on the island – I’d love to go back and see more of what it has to offer.







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