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Why You Should Visit Lepe Beach, Hampshire


So, where is Lepe Beach? I’d never heard of it before and I’m doubtful that you have either.

If you are familiar with the New Forest in Hampshire; Lepe Beach is part of that national park – yup, I had no idea the New Forest was coastal – but it is!

If this is all making no sense to you, the beach is just a 3o minute drive from Southampton.

So, why is it worth a visit…


Lepe Beach is a lovely spot to spend an afternoon – you don’t even need the sunshine to have a good time.

When I visited, myself and my friends were all layered up in big coats carrying hot drinks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head to the sea side – it just involves more walking to keep warm rather than simply sun bathing!


Foodie Tip
The beach has a lush cafe called The Lookout where you can grab a bite to eat or a hot drink for a lovely sea side stroll.



The walk along the beach is stunning. As it is part of the New Forest national park, it is all very well kept and clean.

Also, across the Solent (the water), you can watch the huge cruise ships sail away and just opposite – the land that you can see – is the Isle of Wight which is pretty cool.



It was too cold to even think about getting in the water when I went, but I looked it up, and apparently the swimming area is just east of the car park. So when summer finallllllyyyy rolls around, it should make a great swimming spot!

There is also a little walkway and open green space just behind the beach which would be ideal for a picnic!


Have you ever been to Lepe Beach?

I’d love to explore the New Forest a little more next time I’m near, so let me know of any other spots in the area…


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