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5 Best European Cities for a Winter Break


It’s that time of year again, winter is rolling around and everywhere is getting so god damn cold! Don’t get me wrong, I love the cosiness of winter – snuggling up with a hot cuppa and watching Christmas films as soon as December strikes buuuuut sometimes it all gets a little dreary and a holiday is very much needed…

Let’s face it, much of Europe isn’t much warmer during the winter months but a holiday is a holiday and wandering around the streets of a brand new city seems a lot more appealing that plodding to uni/work in the freezing cold and not leaving the house for anything else as frost is starting to form and the risk of slipping over is so not worth it!

So lets get in to it, here is my top 5 European cities to visit during the winter.



Why should I visit?

Amsterdam is the place to go if you’re up for a chilled out, lazy weekend away. The city itself is pretty small and easily walkable by foot and there are trams too if you get too cold.

I spent my time here wandering around the canals, dipping in and out of warm cafes, trying cool food and drinks from the cities ultra-snazzy supermarkets (you’ll see what I mean when you get there) and taking in the sites at the many museums dotted around.

Where to stay?

Q-factory hotel – is the place to be. It’s such a unique concept for a hotel, but with the vibe of a hostel.

The building is basically a music venue/art space with accommodation in it. But don’t worry, the hotel is separate enough that you don’t actually hear the music from your room.

Wintery things to do


For more info on what to get up to in Amsterdam, check out my guide to a lazy weekend in the city here



Why should I visit?

Berlin is ideal if you’re keen to have a jam-packed weekend away. The city is full of history and has a fab collection of museums and galleries to educate you on it’s chaotic past.

Stepping forward in time, this capital has become an eclectic hub for arts, culture and finding alternative ways of presenting its history. For a city, it is particularly chilled and really quiet – there seemed to be no one about!

Where to stay?

Art’otel – I know I know, hotels aren’t all that cheap, but this one is a bit of a bargain.

Wintery things to do


If you’re keen to check out some more off the beaten track spots, I’ve got you covered: Non-touristy things to do in Berlin



Why should I visit?

You don’t need me to tell you this – everyone and their grandma knows that Paris is absolutely stunning. So if you’re heading here to see the sites (of which there are plenty to keep you entertained) or would much rather a more laid-back weekend wandering the beautiful streets and eating your weight in pastries and bread then Paris is the place for you this winter.

Where to stay?

I would opt for an Airbnb in Paris. There are tonnes to scroll through and quite a few are a pretty decent price if you book enough in advance.

The Montmartre area is a good place to start looking – it’s central enough that you arn’t too far away from the cities landmarks, but far out enough that you get to explore an area you may not have otherwise bothered with.

Wintery things to do


For more info on how to spend your time in the capital of loooove, check out more guide to Paris here



Why should I visit?

If you’re looking for a SUPER cheap getaway, head to Budapest ASAP.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and in my opinion, is extremely underrated. It gained a little more exposure this summer as it was dubbed as THE place to go…and rightly so.

As a whole, the place is beautiful. The architecture is so grand it feels like you’ve stepped off the plane in to a fairy tale.

Where to stay?

Airbnb will become your best friend if you are planning to visit Budapest.

I bagged an apartment for £57 a night – so between five of us, that was only about £10 each a night – bargain! It was so grand and absolutely humongous.

Wintery things to do


Like the sound of sticking to a budget? Check out my Free (and cheap) guide to Budapest



Why should I visit?

Left, right and centre there are incredibly swanky people walking around in their Balenciaga trainers, branded T-shirts, amazingly posh sunglasses, carrying huge Chanel bags…it’s a great place to grab a coffee, take a seat and people watch.

The centre of Milan is pretty small and there isn’t tonnes to see, so it’s idea for a weekend getaway to soak up the boujee atmosphere and window shop at all the top brands.

Where to stay?

The Airbnb’s on the outskirts of the city are pretty cheap. It doesn’t matter that you’re a little far out as there are tram stops everywhere that take you straight into the city.

Wintery things to do


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Who’s excited for a winter getaway?

Let me know where you’re heading off to this winter…



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