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H O L L Y  H A R R I S

After travelling to Australia back in 2016, I came back feeling really motivated to create a blog and make something out of the half a year I spent there…rather than just put it in the past and move on. I wanted a place to remember my time in the incredible country, but life got in the way and it took me a while to actually sit down and begin this blog.

Since coming back from the land of Aus, I took full advantage of my year off (gap ya) and continued to travel around Europe and my home country, England. This is where the concept of my blog, Channel Sunshine, came to mind.

I was travelling around the place (when really I should have been saving for uni) but managed to visit a number of countries on the small budget I had. So…the purpose behind Channel Sunshine, is to create a platform to go to if you, like me, are a ‘traveller on a budget’ / ‘a student with not much money who wants to travel the world’ / if travelling is your ‘side hustle’.

I hope my tips and tricks on how to have a great getaway on a budget inspire you to do the same.

Holly x


R e a d y  t o  t r a v e l  t h e  w o r l d ?

My travel guides will be sure to inspire you to go ahead and book that flight! You don’t need a huge budget in fact, you don’t need much at all – just a sense of adventure and the drive to just go for it!

What are you waiting for?



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