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Visiting Amsterdam on a Budget


Amsterdam is a super cool place to visit – everyones dress sense is insane and the vibe is so chill and slow considering it’s a popular city.

I’m gonna start by saying, Amsterdam central is mega bucks! Its lush, but was wayyy out of my spending limit. If you’re wanting to travel on a budget, you’re going to have to stay a little further out…

Where is it?

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.

Why should I visit?

If you’re keen on a laid back getaway that consists of hanging out in cosy cafes and strolling along the beautiful canals, then Amsterdam is your kinda place!




I stayed in Oostport, Amsterdam East:


De Pijp

Another place to consider staying is De Pijp, Southern Amsterdam:


For my Lazy Guide to Amsterdam and a little collection of the 35mm film photos I took on my trip, click here



Snap a pic at IAMSTERDAM sign

The sign is in the Museum District – where you have to pay a fee to enter a lot of the museums.

Buuuut, that doesn’t mean you can’t walk around and soak up the view of the magnificently grand buildings and of course, get the obligatory tourist snap at the IAMSTERDAM sign.


Wander around De 9 Straatjes

AKA The 9 Streets, located in the West of the city, is the most quintessential area of Amsterdam – beautiful canals, lined with picturesque buildings, the cutest of cafes and of course, full of people riding along on their bikes…it is exactly how you are probably picturing Amsterdam right now, but even better and even more aesthetically pleasing.

Hop over there on a tram and just wander around and take in the sites.


Head to Vondel Park

And no, this is not a photo taken at Vondel Park – I don’t have any photos of it (sad face).

Located right in the heart of the city, Vondel Park is a place to go if you want to escape from the from the hustle and enjoy a little walk around.


Food and drink tasters at the market

Every first Sunday of the month there is a market in the Westerpark area (just a 15 min tram ride North of the centre), called Westergasfabriek.

Pop along, browse the stands and maybe grab some cheeky food or drink tasters.



A lot of foodie places in Amsterdam are pretty pricey – I’m talking about a tenner for lunch and more for dinner. Which is fine, you’ve gotta treat yourself when you’re on holiday…but this is a budget guide, so here are some cheat eateries I came across:

Yatta Sushi – the best sushi ever and reasonably priced. Easy to have a lot or a little (Oostport)

Burger and Shake – what it says on the tin – like a sit in takeaway (Oostport)

Q-Factory Hotel bar – grab a drink and some chips one eve (Oostport)

Markt (supermarket) – grab and go food is amazing here and there is a place to sit and eat inside (all over city)

Food vending machines – i haven’t personally tried food from one of these, but they’re dotted all around the city, most are 24h hour and you can buy hot fast food from them – so weird.


Have you been to Amsterdam?

Do you know of any cheap or free things to do in the city? If you do, please let me know.


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