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What to do at Bantham Beach, Devon


Where is it?

Bantham is located in the region of South Devon, England.

Why should I visit?

Bantham is the ideal spot for a beachy, jam packed holiday – with watersports, wild swimming, food trucks, country pubs, coastal walks and islands – it’s got it all.

The village is tiny – it is pretty much a road down to the beach. It is built on an estate which makes staying here pretty pricey and accommodation is limited so, if you’re looking to stay I would recommend surrounding areas such as Modbury, Thurlstone or the nearest city, Plymouth.

There is a little campsite about a 20 min walk up the road from the beach – Higher Aunmouth Farm – it is a very basic site, but has everything you need for a beach side holiday.


T H I N G S  T O  D O

Beach day

Bantham’s main beach is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. The area is part of the designated South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so the beach is beautiful and clean.

The tide at Bantham completely transforms the beach as the day goes on…one moment the sea it right up to the sand dunes and the next, it’s dragged back out to sea revealing a huge sandbank across to Burgh Island.

For those of you driving: parking is £6 for the whole day during high season and £3.50 low season (the car park closes at 9pm).

For the BBQ lovers amongst us: BBQ’s are allowed, so long as they are off ground.


Travel Tip
You can get the sea tractor from Bigbury Beach (just to the right of Bantham Beach) across to Burgh Island – £2 each way.


Water sports

Why not spice up your day and hire something from the water sports pop-up (located in the sand dunes on the way to the beach).

The prices are pretty reasonable – a two person kayak was £20 for the hour – just enough time to make your way over to Burgh Island.

There were also surf boars and lessons, stand up paddle boards, body boards and wet suits.


Swim in the estuary

The estuary is located just to the right side of the beach (this area is also dog friendly).

I must say, you have to be careful when swimming here and I would not advise it if you do not consider yourself a strong swimmer – the current is very strong!

However if you take it easy, it’s a great little spot to do some wild swimming/let the natural lazy river pull you along…


Travel Tip
The spot pictured is actually marked as ‘private property’, but hey – I’ve been going down there ever since I was a little kid and never got told off – but do enter at your own risk!


Coastal Walk

Take a walk to the next bay over – Thurlstone.

To get to the path, head down to the beach and you’ll see the lifeguard building to the left – just behind there is the start of the walk up the field and over the cliff.

If you need some motivation for your walk, make The Village Inn Pub your half-way point.


W H E R E  T O  E A T

Bantham has two choices of where to eat – The Gastro Buses at the beach or The Sloop Inn pub – I told you it was a small place.

The Gastro Buses are made up of 3 food trucks (only open during summer months):

The Sloop is a classic, British country pub serving good ol’ pub food…

There is also a little village store at the top of the village where you’ll find coffee, pasties and nibbly picnic bits and bobs (there are BBQ’s here too!)



Have you ever been to Bantham?

Let me know if you love it as much as I do…


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