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Berlin: The Ultimate Guide To Travel Cheap


Berlin is known around the world for its chaotic past and wartime history. Stepping forward in time, this capital has become an eclectic hub for arts, culture and of course, history; with something for everyone. For a city, it is particularly chilled and really quiet – there seemed to be no one about!

Whether you’re looking for a lazy afternoon lounging in a park, drinking beer or would much rather be on your feet taking in the sites then carry on reading…

W H E R E   T O  S T A Y

h o t e l


I know, I know, hotels aren’t all that cheap, but this one was a bit of a bargain and we were treating ourselves for finishing the first year of uni!

Cost per night: approx £70/80

h o s t e l


There are a few of these dotted around the city. Clean, modern rooms with great, convinient locations.

Cost per night: dorms from £30

a r e a

In terms of areas to stay, I would definitely recommend staying in the South East – anywhere between Berlin Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

It’s close enough to walk into the city centre, but far enough out the way that you aren’t right in the hustle and bustle of the city.


W H A T  T O  D O

e n g e l b e c k e n  p a r k 

Sat just between Mitte and Kreuzberg, you’ll come across this beautiful lake, surrounded by greenery and adorable pastel coloured houses.

It is the perfect place to wind down and watch the beautiful changing colours of the sky reflecting on the lake as the sun sets.

TOP TIP: Cafe am Engelbecken (located in the park) serves up amazing pizzas and salads – make sure you try the caprese salad, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.

f r e i d r i c h s h a i n

Pretty cool area, very hipster and alternative, it made us feel very uncool! Ideal place to walk around and take in the vibe.

The place is covered in street art and is in fact, where you can find the East Side Gallery. If you are in the area, make sure to grab a bite to eat at Burgermeister – apparently ‘the best burger in Berlin’ (according to my friend who used to live there)…it was pretty great if I’m honest.


i n s e l s t r a ß e  b r i d g e

What I like to think of as my secret hidden gem…but, I’m going to share it’s top secret location with you guys – you’re welcome.

Soak in the sights of the TV tower whilst sipping on a cold cider in the sun…who needs to pay €20 to go up the tower when you can get the perfect view of it from the ground!? (

TOP TIP: My sisters visited Berlin, went up the TV tower and reported back that it was a bit tacky, there was loud music blaring from the bar and they only lasted about 10 mins up there anyway.


r i t t e r  s p o r t  s h o p

Ok, this one is quuuiiitteee touristy, but so much fun, so I’m going to keep it in.

You can’t visit Berlin and not try Ritter Sport chocolate. It is THE best chocolate – believe me, you’ll become addicted if you’re a bit of a chocoholic like me.

Anyway, there is a Ritter Sport shop…yes a shop…just for chocolate. The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with the colourful chocolate bars and pick n mix stations annnd, it gets better…you can even create your own flavour of chocolate!


t o p o g r a p h y  o f  t e r r o r

If there is one museum you go and see, go here.

It seems to receive less attention than a lot of the other, more commercialised museums. But, I think it tops the lot.

The monument is extremely moving and a very real, graphic representation of the timeline from when Nazis took power, to the end of the war.


T H E  T O U R I S T Y  M U S T  S E E S

Now, when it comes to short breaks, it’s hard to fit in all of the sights so, I’ve selected a few of my favourites that are all in walking distance from the centre because getting the underground is lazy and costs money right?

e a s t  s i d e  g a l l e r y

Firstly, it’s free! Secondly, it’s both an open-air art gallery and a museum as it commemorates the remnants of the Berlin wall with a series of murals.

It truly is a vision – an incredible collection of art, giving the dark history of the wall a new meaning of life.

The walk takes you alongside the river Spree so, if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day, there are many opportunities to sit down and take in the view from a different angle.


j e w i s h  m e m o r i a l

This is a must see if you visit Berlin.

2711 concrete slabs mark the remembrance of the holocaust. According to man who built the memorial, the slabs are meant to create an illusion of instability in an apparent system of order. The concrete blocks almost look like grave stones, packed together and varied in size.


W H E R E  T O  E A T

Caprese salad at Cafe am Engelbecken

Burgermeister (Friedrichshain) – ‘the best burger in Berlin’

Witty’s currywurst – a trip to Germany wouldn’t be complete without one

Flamingo fresh food cafe – lush brunchy food and cheap toasties

Cafe Re (next to inselstraße bridge) – grab a croissant and coffee

Cafe am Engelbecken – the best pizza and salad

Adalbertstrße (street in Kreuzberg) – loads of cheap eateries


T R A V E L  H A C K  1 0 1

p h o t o a u t o m a t s

Take home a piece of Berlin and get your photo taken in one of the many vintage photo booths dotted around the city.

They’re a great opportunity to create a sentimental memory of your trip; much better than buying an overpriced key ring.

TOP TIP: There is an app that pinpoints the location of each booth.

Price: Only £3 and a load of fun!


b r a n d e n b u r g  g a t e

[Unpopular opinion alert] All I can say is, this gate did nothing for me.

It was extremely busy, impossible to get a photo without the top of someone’s head in the shot or the side of someones face gawping up at the view and just overall, very underwhelming.

Perhaps just walk past, take it in and carry on with your day!


s o m e r s b y  c i d e r

Yes, you heard it here first…Somersby cider is available in Berlin!

(plus, its dirt cheap)


Have you been to Berlin?

I’d love to know what your highlights were and if you have any money saving tips and tricks?


R E L A T E D  P O S T S



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