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Best things to do on Magnetic Island


Where is it?

8km offshore from Townsville, Queensland.

Why should I visit?

I was not a big fan of Townsville (where you board the ferry to the island) – gonna be honest – it’s boring! There was very little to do and, as the ocean is full of jellyfish, you couldn’t go in the sea…meaning there could be no beach days.

Sooooo, Magnetic Island is where it’s all happening – you’ve got wild animals, stunning bush walks and 360 views.

How do I get there?

Taking just 20mins and $30 return, just hop on a SeaLink ferry from the port. Ferries run all day everyday from morning to evening – check out the website to check the times…

What to do?

  • Koala spotting on Forts Walk
  • WW2 lookout tower
  • Hire a topless car
  • Feed wild wallabies at Geoffrey Bay
  • Head to the beach

W H E R E  T O  S T A Y

I WISH I knew this when booking my hostel for Townsville, but you can actually stay on Magnetic Island. So ditch Townsville and head over to the island.

Hostels to check out:

  • Base
  • Bungalow Bay


W H A T  T O  D O

Koala spotting on Forts Walk

Maggie Island has it’s very own population of koalas! It’s super cool because they are all wild and you can spot them dozzing up in the trees dotted around the island.

The best place to spot them is on Forts walk – a 4km trek that’ll take you about 1.2 hours – but it’s well worth it for the koala spotting, epic photo ops (see the photo above) and 360 degree views.

Oh, and there are water filling stations along the way – so don’t worry about lack of hydration.


WW2 Lookout Tower

The Forts walk will lead you to this awesome WW2 lookout tower.

You can climb up in to the fort where you will find incredible 360 degree views looking out over the reefs dotted around in the ocean below.


Hire a Topless car

Why not discover the island via your very own topless, pink, barbie car! ahahha!

All of the photos advertising Magnetic Island are covered in images of these cars – they’re a pretty novelty aspect of the island, but a pretty cool way to get around.

To book, you have to call to enquire – so I am not sure how much they charge as I didn’t actually hire one!


Feed wild wallabies at Geoffrey Bay

At dusk (they only come out then), head to Geoffrey Bay – home to a hugeee mob of rock wallabies. We spent hours here! They were everywhere, it was amazing!

We fed them bananas and they nibbled bird feed out of our hands; so close you could touch them or if you were lucky, spot the baby joey in their pouch!

Just make sure you’re super quiet and patient and you’ll soon spot them appearing from behind the rocks.


Head to a beach

There are 9 beaches worth visiting on the island. As it is located in northern Queensland though, there are jelly’s that frequent the waters, so there are designated netted swimming areas.

If you fancy a swim, head to Horseshoe bay – not all of the beaches have swimming areas.



Have you ever visited Magnetic Island?

I hope this post helps you to get the most out of what this stunning island has to offer!


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