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Bottle Beach – The Best Beach on Koh Phangan


Where is it?

In the north of the island Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Why should I visit?

The beach feels like you’re on a deserted island in the middle of the sea – it’s a little hidden gem of paradise…with clear sea, white sand and surrounded by jungle – so cool.

Throughout the day people come and go by taxi boat, but other than a couple of small resorts dotted around, the beach is really quiet.

How do I get there?

The beach is pretttyyyy hard to access. You’ve got 2 options on how to get there – so take your pic.

By taxi boat –  I travelled to the beach by boat. You hop on at Chaloklum Beach and the journey takes you about 10 mins. It costs 150 baht each, minimum 4 people.

By hiking – You can get to the beach by hiking from the next bay over (Haad Khom beach). However, this option will take you about 2 hours and I can imagine it is a pretty hard trek.

By 4×4 taxi – If you’re staying at Bottle Beach 2 bungalows you can request that they drive you through the jungle. I think this was 150 baht each too. Other resorts on the beach may offer this service too, so check when you book if you’re planning on staying.

What to do?



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If you’re going to take the journey to Bottle Beach, I cannot encourage you enough to stay over at the Bottle Beach 2 bungalows.

The collection of bungalows are set right on the beach –  you literally open your window and all you can see is sand and sea. They are part of a little family-ran resort that also has a lovely restaurant/cafe – also set right on the beach.

The bungalows are very very simple, very shed-like but such an experience to stay in – I mean you only really sleep in them because you’re on the beach alllll day!


What to expect


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How long should I stay here?

We had 2 nights booked here, but as soon as we arrived – literally within 5 mins of being there – we extended out stay an extra 3 nights.

It’s such an experience and so so cheap, it would be silly not to stay here a little while. I would have loved to stay here forever, but a week would be ideal if you have other places to go.


How much is it a night?

Double room bungalow (as pictured) – £14 / £7 each if there is 2 of you

Quadruple family room – £33

There are also ‘nicer’ double rooms that cost a little more.


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If you’re heading to Bottle Beach (which you rly should)…

Let me know. It’s my fave place on earth – would love to see what you get up to 🙂






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