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Koh Tao – Top 5 Things to do



Koh Tao is the smallest of the three main islands off the east coast of Thailand and it’s alllll about the beaches – omg they’re stunning.

Everything on my top 5 list revolves around beach life – if you havn’t noticed yet, I love the beach more than anything else. But it’s very fitting in this case as Koh Tao is an island surrounded by beaches, snorkel hot spots and insanely beautiful mini islands.


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1. Snorkelling boat tour

Koh Tao is a diving hot spot, so there are loads of snorkelling and diving tours to choose from.

There are 4-5 snorkelling day tours that operate on the island for the same price of 800 baht – so if you book on to any of these, they all go the same route and take you on a loop around the island and to Koh Nang Yuan.


2. Beach hop

The beaches on this island are seriously out of this world – there are so many little coves and hidden beaches, you’re spoilt for choice!

If you go on a boat tour, you will sail around the whole of the island and be able to snorkel at most of the main beaches – but you wanna go and lie on them too right!? Chill out, catch some rays and paddle in the clear sea…well if that sounds like your thing, my 2 fave beaches that we visited were:

Check out Koppee bar – it has a beach infinity pool that you can use if you buy anything from the bar.


3. Day trip to Koh Nang Yuan island

Koh Nang Yuan is a set of 3 tiny islands, joined by a stretch of white sand just off the coast of Koh Tao.

You can take a boat to the island that’ll take you about 10-15mins. There is an entry fee of 100 baht to enter the island, but my god is it worth it! This place is defo worth dedicating a whole day to!

This is one of the most stunning beaches I’ve ever set foot on – again, Maldives vibes – the sea is the clearest I think I’ve ever seen and full of little black and white fish that swim around you as you paddle int the shallows.



4. Sunset dinner at Sairee beach

Sairee Beach is the largest beach on the island and the nearest to the pier that you sail in to. As it is west facing, the sun sets here are amazing.

There are a load of restaurants and bars that back on to the beach, so why not grab some dinner and a drink and enjoy the view.


5. Massage on the beach

Yep, you heard me right…this was the coolest thing everrrr!!!! There are loads of massage centres in Koh Tao, you wont find it hard to find one.

An hour long massage cost us the equivalent to £8 each and wow it was lovely! We got it at 10:00pm, so it was so dark out, but you could just hear the sound of the waves crashing and feel the wind blowing off the shore and through the windows…so relaxing.



Heading to Koh Tao?

Lemme know what you end up getting up to!


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