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Top 5 Awesome Things to do in Noosa



Where is it?

Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia

Why should I visit?

Noosa is defo up there with one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Everything about it is perfect, clear blue sea, great surf, insane wildlife and national park walks…the list could go on and on.

I had never heard of Noosa before travelling to Australia. For those of you who haven’t either – Noosa reminded me of a mix of both Manly and Byron (two of my fave places, so I knew I’d love this place)!



W H E R E  T O  S T A Y

As I said, I am an expert at Noosa hostels – I think we honestly stayed in all of the hostels in Noosa – so here is my review of each one, from my fave to the dreadful…


This was by far the unanimous favourite of the hostel-hopping experience. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not actually that expensive compared to the other hostels.

Clean, a good outdoor space, a pool, surfboard hire, a shuttle bus and nice common area – ticks all the boxes and has everything you need from a hostel.

The atmosphere here is what really puts it at the top of the list, it was a pretty social hostel, but you could keep yourself to yourself if you wanted. It never felt like anyone was hogging anything in the kitchen or at the BBQ station despite it being a pretty small hostel, the guests were all very civil.

R a t in g: 5/5

C O S T: Dorm from – £22


Dolphins Beach-House

This one is going in the middle because I had 2 very different experiences here – so mixed feelings about this place…

My first stay here was very pleasant, we got put in a very clean room with an en-suite and nice clean bedding and out own private entrance…smiles all around.

However, the second time I stayed here it was a completely different story! For the exact same price per night, our room was horrible! A 5-bed dorm that was only really big enough to comfortably host 3 guests. No air con, so the nights were unbearable and this time around, the staff were all pretty annoying and arrogant.

Also, you aren’t allowed to drink goon at this hostel! The first and only time we came across this rule in oz.

R a t in g: 3/5

C O S T: Dorm from – £21



We stayed in Nomads as it was the base for our Fraser Island tour and was thrown in as part of a package.

The hostel was very basic – basic facilities, basic dorms and basic kitchen space. The biggest downside was the hugeeeee dorms (10 beds) that had no lockers! So I felt very wary of my luggage and there seemed to be new people coming in and out of the rooms ALL the time.

I wouldn’t recommend staying here to anyone unless you’re looking for a party party hostel.  Plus, it’s the most expensive of the three…

R a t in g: 2/5

C O S T: Dorm from – £23


Travel tip
As there are only a handful of hostels in Noosa, rooms book up fast and hostel hopping is likely. To avoid this (and the possibility of ending up in a stuffy 10 bed dorm), make sure to book the duration of your stay as far in advance as possible.


W H A T  T O  D O

National Park walk

Be prepared to get sweaty…this is a long one – 5.4km from Main beach to Sunshine beach to be exact.

It may be long, but there are plenty of spots to stop off on during the coastal walk. So, I’m going to put a few of my fave points of interest below:

Dolphin point:

Take about 15/20 mins to just sit here and take in the view. Plus, if you’re patient and keep your eyes peeled, you’ll probably spot some marine wildlife. We were lucky enough to spot rays, turtles and dolphins.

The Fairy Pools:

The best-hidden gem Noosa has to offer (read below to find out more…)

Hells Gate:

Dramatically named and for a good reason…expect crashing waves and whirling water.

Or, for a less dramatic sight, visit this area from July to November to view migrating whales.

Click here for the full route.


Fairy Pools

My favourite spot has to be the (not so secret) secret Fairy Pools – located along Noosa’s National Park Walk.

The Fairy Pools are THE perfect place to cool off along the very long, hot and sticky National Park Walk. They are essentially two giant tidal pools, formed about half way down the cliff face, so hidden from sight of the national park walk.

To get to the fairy pool: you have to walk about half way (ish) along the National Park walk. Just after Granite Bay (if you started your walk at Main Beach, as you pass Picnic Cove you will see a park bench under a tree as the track turns right around a large bend. This is where you have to scramble down the rocks to the private pools.

Travel tip
Try to avoid weekends as the crowds make it difficult to enter the water. Also, don’t forget a snorkel – these pools have their very own mini marine ecosystem.


Koala spotting

There is a small active population of Koalas in Noosa, and we were lucky enough to spot 3!

The only tip I can give to you is to keep your eyes peeled and to be patient…very patient. Look out for other people crowding around trees or pointing up, this is how we found them.


Surf at Main beach

Crystal clear water, shallow waters and excellent surf, what more could you want from a beachy Australian destination.

I think all of the hostels I stayed at had surfboards and body boards to hire. So why not grab one a give it a whirl. Main beach is the ideal place to teach yourself to surf as the waves aren’t too rough and the beach is lifeguard patrolled.


Noosa spit

To the left of the beach, about a half hour walk down across is where you’ll find Noosa Spit.

It is a crystal clear lagoon, hidden away at the side of Main Beach. It’s a pretty cool, local spot – at low or high tide, it turns in to a natural lazy river due to the strong pull of currents – so fun to splash around and paddle against the water.

Weirdly, this incredible spot never got very busy, as though it is a secret locals spot?? So definitely give it a visit and pack a picnic if you want to get away from the bustling Main Beach. Bear in mind, this is a beach where dogs are allowed – so if you’re not a dog, there are dogs everywhere.


Check out how I spent my time in Noosa:

All of my travel vlogs from Australia can be found on the channel below…enjoy


Have you been to Noosa?

I’d love to know any of your money saving tips – leave them down below, thanks 🙂

























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