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The Ultimate Guide To Barcelona


I have been to Barcelona four times now and fall in love with the city more and more each time! With so much to do and see; not to mention the spectacular architecture surrounding you 24/7, its impossible to be bored in this city – which is a must on a short city break holiday. I personally think a spontaneous ‘city break’ style visit is the…

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Truck Festival: The Low Down


Truck Festival is growing year by year and is now known as the UK’s Largest ‘small’ Festival, The Godfather of Small Festivals; which I would completely agree with! Although it seems to operate under the radar among many festival goers, it manages to secure pretty big artists year on year. It is definitely one to watch! The site itself was pretty small; the main camping…

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48 Hours In Brighton: A Foodies Travel Guide


A lot of my inspiration for where to visit in Brighton was derived from the world of Youtube and Instagram. It is constantly shown off as this perfect, aesthetically pleasing seaside town, so I thought it was about time to go and see what all the fuss is about. So, after you’ve found cheap travel and a reasonably priced place to stay, the next hurdle…

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Free (And Cheap) Things To Do In Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and in my opinion, is extremely underrated! I’m sure most people are familiar with the city as they have heard George Ezra sing about how beautiful it is or have watched Grand Budapest Hotel – nothing against George, but it deserves a lot more recognition. If you’re looking for a SUPER cheap getaway, Budapest is the place to go.…

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Berlin: The Ultimate Guide To Travel Cheap


Berlin is known around the world for its chaotic past and wartime history. Stepping forward in time, this capital has become an eclectic hub for arts, culture and of course, history; with something for everyone. For a city, it is particularly chilled and really quiet – there seemed to be no one about! Whether you’re looking for a lazy afternoon lounging in a park, drinking…

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My name is Holly, I am 21 and based in Bristol, UK.

Travelling doesn’t have to break the bank, you can travel and experience the world even if you are on a tight budget.

So, welcome to the Channel Sunshine. I am so glad that you have landed here somehow! I hope I inspire you to go and book that trip you’ve been promising yourself…


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