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Where to Stay in Turkey? The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need



If you’re wondering where to stay in Turkey – look no further.

I have spent quite a bit of time in Turkey; this year marked my fifth visit. I’m no local, but I have a pretty decent bit of knowledge to point you in the right direction of where to stay and what to do when you get there.

Where is it?

Eastern Europe / Western Asia

Why should I visit?

The country has so much to offer soooo – I will list each place that I have visited, cover the best attractions, and let you decide which place suits you best…

1 – Bitez, Muğla Province


The town of Bitez is located 15 mins West of Bodrum (main city). Bitez is a peaceful little spot, ideal if you’re looking for a beach orientated break.

The main attraction is it’s crescent shaped beach lined with restaurants, bars, nick nacky shops and mini supermarkets; pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a typical sea side town.

Sounds pretty standard right? Wrong! The reason Bitez has made this list is because of it’s hidden beach club just around the cove…keep reading to find out more.

Oh, and the food here is insane – I did not have a bad meal once!


Foodie Tip
Make sure to grab a wood fired pizza at Okaliptus. It’s located right on the beach front – just look out for the relaxed seating, topped with piles of colourful cushions.



Hop on a flight to Milas – Bodrum Airport, take a 40 min car journey, and you’re there!



Beach club restaurant, set back just behind where sun beds are

Delicious fruit coolers – the ‘detox’ was my fave

Aktur Residence beach club

If you search for Mor Plaj on Google maps, the beach club is just next door.

If you’re unsure of what I mean when I say beach club…Turkey is not known for having the best beaches, most are pretty rocky and nothing special. So, when I say beach club, I am referring to an ingenious alternative. It is basically a load of sun beds, parasols and usually a bar that are positioned on the edge of the sea front…no beach, just a step down in to the warm water below.

This place is honestly paradise. When you arrive, you are spoilt for choice of where to sit – up in the shaded terrace, down by the sea or on the pier…the choice is yours!

Comfy? Then settle down, put your feet up and feast your eyes on the food and drinks menu…fresh wood fired pizzas by the sea, yes please!

The club also has a short jetty to jump off and a floating platform out in the sea to cool off on.


Travel Tip
This beach club didn’t charge us for our sun beds however, when I have visited other areas of Turkey there is usually a charge – so be prepared (it wont be much).


Bitez Beach

This one is a given, but it has to be included.

Grab a drink from one of the bars behind, lay down your towel and chillax!

The sea here isn’t the most appealing, its a little dark looking due to the dark sand, but nothing beats a good sunbathe…save a dip in the sea for the beach club.

Travel Tip
There are a couple of swings not too far from the shore, out at sea, that you can hop on to and snap a quick pic!


2- Calis Beach, Fethiye


Ok, I have to be honest here – I didn’t realllyy spend much time in Calis Beach or Fethiye as I was staying at Jiva Beach Resort however, I did visit both.

Staying at resorts isn’t normally how I’d choose to spend a holiday buuuuut, this was an exception.

Although, because of my preconceived ‘I’m not a resort person’ thought process, I encouraged myself to explore further a field…so here it is, my (very brief) guide to Calais Beach and Fethiye (located under 10 mins apart from each other).



Hop on a flight to Dalaman aiport, take a 40 min car journey, and you’re there.



Boat trip

As Fethiye is a port, there are a tonne of boat day trips on offer.

When I went there were easily over 40 boats lined up at the harbour, so I’m sure it’ll be easy to find a boat to hop on to for the day.

A days trip – which tends to set off at around 1o, comes back for 5 and incudes lunch is around £20.

Click here to see the top 10 boat tours from Fethiye


Get lost in Fethiye

Fethiye is a port city, pretty low key in terms of business and size, and the perfect spot to immerse yourself in Turkish cuisine.

Travel Tip
You can get a water taxi from Calais Beach to Fethiye – which beats trekking along the pebbled beach!


Water sports on Calais Beach

Calais Beach is a pebble beach, so not so ideal for lying on – although, there are sun beds dotted up and down the beach.

What it’s best for is water sports…and who doesn’t love flailing around in the ocean on a huge inflatable!?

Travel Tip
Just outside of Jiva Beach Resort is where you can hop on and set off on that banana boat you’ve been uhm’ing and aah’ing about.



Have you ever been to Turkey?

I’d love to explore the country beyond the three places I have visited – comment below if you know anywhere that tops these!






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