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What’s my Budget?



w h a t ‘ s  m y  b u d g e t ?

I go on about travelling on a budget and showing you how easy it is to travel cheap, so you’re probably all wondering what I personally class as ‘budget’ travel.

I would currently refer to myself as a student, so budget travel to me is about seeing the world and booking trips for around £250-£300 (£400 max) – including flights, accommodation and spending money.

As I live in the UK, this price range is accessible to me by travelling to and from European countries.


g o i n g  b e y o n d  e u r o p e

When I post guides about travelling on the cheap in locations beyond Europe (for example my time in Australia and Indonesia), I am focusing on money saving tips whilst you are over there as I am aware flights from the UK to Australia, for example, are NOT what I would describe as cheap!

Although long haul flights are blummin pricey, I will try to attach links to useful websites and companies that have student deals or sales to attempt to lower the price a tad.

You just have to be patient, scroll through a load of comparison sites and when the lowest price comes around, book book book! The price will only go up again.



b u t  h o w  i s  i t  p o s s i b l e ?

Of course, sometimes you want to treat yourself and spend that little bit more on a lovely dinner out or pay a not so ideal sum of money for a tour or experience whilst you’re away but that’s what holiday’s are all about right!?

Holidays are an excuse to live with a care-free attitude and that’s ok.

I aim to show you how to still do all of this and fit everything in but to be clever about where to book and where to find deals so that you can save money along the way.


h o w  d o  i  t r a v e l ?

Ultimately, I do always look for the cheapest option when travelling anywhere in the world. Sometimes this is difficult (especially with long haul flights) to find decent deals buuuuut I hope my guides will point you in the right direction to enable you to travel on whatever budget you have.

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